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Client Portal

Using this portal, ASAP clients are able to create and have access to account services. Clients may enroll in court or administratively ordered programs, monitor case progress, communicate with their ASAP case manager, and make online payments. ASAP offers multiple programs to include, but not limited to, ASAP DUI, Driver Improvement, Ignition Interlock Monitoring, and Intervention Interview.  If you need assistance setting up your account, please contact your Case Manager.

Client Portal

Notice : Please read before you create a new account.  

You may already have a client portal account if you have had any services with ASAP or were convicted of a DUI after 2018. This includes Multiple Offender Evaluations, HO-Monitoring, Ignition Interlock, Reckless Driving, Driver Improvement, RADEP and/or intervention interview.  To interact with the client portal, you will need access to your existing account, contact your local ASAP office to obtain your client portal account information.

If you were referred to ASAP more than 5 days ago, contact the ASAP office directly to verify if an account has already been created for you. If it is confirmed no account has been created, you may proceed.

Duplicate Account Notice? 

If you attempt to create a new account when an account already exists, the portal will prevent you from moving forward and your account will be flagged as a duplicate. If this occurs, a pop-up box will appear.  Select the first option, STOP, and contact the Commission on VASAP to review the account and obtain your login information.